HOPE Youth Corps Zambia

HYC 2017

HOPE Youth Corps Zambia is a program that improves the lives of poor communities. At HYC Zambia, different professionals from all across the world can make a difference in impoverished communities through volunteering to serve these communities by providing professional development to local community leaders and workers; participating in providing a service such as teaching, farming or administrative activities; and taking part in infrastructure building or renovation work.

HwwZ’s first ever HYC saw 42 volunteers from the UK, USA, Canada, France and Australia volunteer in renovating and refurbishing the Mtendere Preschool. For 14-days the volunteers took part in painting, landscaping, toy-making, classroom decoration, teaching, snack making and the construction of a playground.

Among the many benefits participants receive from serving on HYC are lifelong friendships and memories, a heightened sense of purpose, greater self-confidence and independence, and a better understanding of the world and cultural differences. Through their experiences with HYC, student volunteers deepen their compassion and gain a profound appreciation for what they have been given in their own lives. Fundamentally, HOPE Youth Corps builds a future generation of leaders who improve the lives of those in need.

For more information about the HOPE Youth Corps and how to register for the Zambia program please visit the link below: