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WEE Chef at work

Cooking for a better future

Women’s Support and Economic Empowerment

Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) is one of the most influential routes for women to achieve their potential and support their families. Women who are economically empowered contribute to their families, society and the national economy. Research has shown that when women have the right skills and opportunities they are more likely to feed their families nutritious food and send their children to school. Women usually invest extra income in their children, providing a route to sustainable development.

Women's Economic Empowerment Activities

Kanyama Site

The Kanyama site is situated on the outskirts of Lusaka. In the past, the Kanyama site didn’t have a HwwZ office and they had to share a building with Chibolya School that is on site. There was no privacy for HwwZ employees as the office was shared with teachers. This challenge inspired HwwZ to build a new block on site and the Kanyama site now has their own office and a tuck shop which is being run by the Women’s Support Group. They have also opened a restaurant, and the profit they make from this business helps them to support their families.

Mtendere Site

The Women’s Support Group at the Mtendere site has started farming vegetables and maize, which they plan to sell to support their families. They were helped to acquire a piece of land in Mumbwa Nangoma area, where they are farming maize and groundnuts. They are also baking scones which they sell at the site to help thir families.

Chawama Site

Chawama site is another community where HwwZ works. The site previously didn’t have a HwwZ Office or their own space for activities, and they used to share a common space with lots of other NGOs. This was challenging for the women in the Support Group and for the children in the Kids Clubs. Therefore HwwZ built a new building at the site, which consists of a room for the Women Economic Empowerment activities and as well a space for the Kids Club activities. The women in the Support Group are sewing and knitting support themselves. They have also partnered with Waves of Glory to start a baking business; they bake scones which they sell at the market. The profit from this business will be used to support their families.