Lives Touched

Lives Touched

A closer look at some of the lives

touched by HOPE

Mapalo Chisala

Mapalo Chisala was born in 2016 in Chawama level one hospital. She is the great granddaughter of Vyness Mwale who is a member of Women Economic Empowerment Group in Chawama site.

Mapalo lives with her great grandmother, her mother and 4 other siblings of her mother. Both her great grandmother and her mother earn a living through washing cloths for other people and selling plastic containers for recycling.

Mapalo was enrolled on the Kupasa Mwana Program in 2018 term 3 at Divine Providence Pre-school. When she was enrolled, the school resisted to enroll her claiming she was too young to be in school considering her height and behavior. However, Mapalo was quick to adapt and after few days there was no complain as she had managed to adapt to school environment quickly. Mapalo is now in meddle class, her performance at school is good and she will be graduating to grade 1 in 2023. 

Racheal Mwansa

Racheal was born on 18th September 2015 at Kanyama 1st level Hospital. Racheal is the last born in the family of 5, her mother is Dainess Mateo. Racheal’s father deserted her while she was still in the womb that was five-month pregnancy. Racheal was enrolled on HOPE worldwide program in 2017, She was a shy girl who always wanted to be around her mother in most cases play alone. When her mother started bringing her to the Kids club, she met different age groups she slowly started to make friends, later she got used to come for clubs accompanied by her siblings with no difficulties at all.

Racheal is one of the beneficiaries of HOPE worldwide ECD Kupasa Mwana program(KMP), she was enrolled on the KMP in 2016 at Salvation Army community school in Kanyama. Racheal improved in terms of doing school work, she also interacted with her friends both girls and boys. Racheal graduated on KMP and she was enrolled at the government School to grade 1. Though she graduated on the KMP program, she still comes for Kids club activities and the site manager for Kanyama Site still monitors her performance at school and she is doing very well.

Debora Musumali

Debora Musomali is 8 years old, she is the last born in the family of three. Deborah live in Mtendere with her single mum who is a hair dresser, her father does not take responsible of her.

Dedora had low self-esteem when she was enrolled onto Kupasa Mwana to start preschool at the Learning Tree preschool in 2016, she was very happy to be in school and she never wanted to abscond herself from class. After few months when she was enrolled, she was confident to speak to the audience freely and her performance in class and outdoor activities was impressive. At Kids Club she teaches her friends kindergarten songs. She graduated in 2019 and secured a place in grade 1 at a community school in Mtendere. Currently she is in grade 2 and her performance at school is so impressive.

Tasheni Kafulira

Tasheni Kafulira was born on the 8th of March 2018. Tasheni lives with her mum and her grandmother in a rented house in Chawama. Tasheni’s father abandoned her mother when she was pregnant.

Tasheni was introduced to HOPE Worldwide Zambia ECD KMP in January 2021. She was enrolled at Divine Providence pre-school in Chawama where she started her baby class.

At the time of coming on the program, Tasheni could not do many things on her own, like going to the toilet and could not do any school work. After a few weeks of attending class, Tasheni is now able to tell the teacher if she feels like going to the toilet, she is able to trace and colour properly when she is given work without much help. At this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tasheni always cover her mouth whenever she coughs according to what their teacher taught them.

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